Klonopin vs xanax

Klonopin vs Xanax

Introduction of Klonopin and Xanax


Klonopin (Clonazepam) is a long-acting, FDA approved benzodiazepine for the treatment of panic disorders and seizures. It is available in tablets that disintegrate immediately and is taken orally. Klonopin (Clonazepam) can be used for seizure disorders in individuals above 18 years of age and older as well as in children up to age 10.


Xanax  is usually called alprazolam by its generic name. Unlike Klonopin, Xanax is a short-acting benzodiazepine. Xanax has an estimated half-life of 11 hours. After administration, max concentrations of blood are achieved within one to two hours.    

Xanax (alprazolam) comes with strengths of 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg in standard and generic tablets. Extended-release tablets often come in 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg, and 3 mg strengths. Alprazolam can be used as an ODT tablet or liquid solution for those who may have difficulty swallowing tablets. 

The brand name for clonazepam is Klonopin. The medication is known to be a long-acting benzodiazepine with an estimated half-life of 30 to 40 hours. Blood concentrations of Klonopin hit its peak within one to four hours of taking it.

As a generic tablet, Klonopin is available in strengths of 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg. Strengths of 0.125 mg, 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg are also available.

Which out of Klonopin and Xanax is quicker or lasts longer?

Xanax (alprazolam) is typically absorbed more rapidly than Klonopin. Though the speed of absorption varies from patient to patient, still it is known that Xanax concentration occurs within 1 to 2 hours after administrations. On the other hand, Klonopin concentrations occur within 1 to 4 hours after administrations. Not only this, Xanax effects last an average of 4 to 6 hours, but again there are significant differences between individuals’ treatment. Klonopin effects can last as long as 12 hours in adults.  

Klonopin (Clonazepam) does not need to be dosed as much as Xanax, as Klonopin works in the body for a longer period of time. However, Xanax requires regular treatment such that blood levels remain stable.

Xanax (alprazolam) use is also affected by race. People of Asian origin hit higher concentrations, and alprazolam use is longer, they are also associated with liver or kidney failure, alcoholism, and obesity. Depending on these factors doses may vary.

Which out of Klonopin and Xanax is more likely to cause dependence?

It is known that Klonopin and Xanax both have the ability to induce physical as well as psychological dependency. Dependence sensitivity differs with the dosage administered, the regularity of taking the dose as well as genetic factors. It is not known whether the risk of addiction with some benzodiazepines is greater than with others. 

After using the medications for a continuous 14 days, some people can get addicted to benzodiazepines. More than 50 percent of individuals became dependent on the medication after using the drug for six months continuously. However, that does not mean you stop taking Benzodiazepines suddenly; dosages of these types of medications are tapered slowly by your doctor to prevent the patient from withdrawal symptoms.

Doses of Klonopin and Xanax


The adult dosage for panic and anxiety of Klonopin is 0.25 milligrams (mg) twice a day.

Until the date your anxiety is under control, your doctor may raise the dose every 3 days between increments of 0.125 mg and 0.25 mg. usually the daily dose doesn’t exceed 4 mg. 

The adult dosage is 0.5 mg three times a day for treating seizures. Until the day your seizures are managed properly, your doctor can increase the dose by increments of between 0.5 and 1 mg. The daily dose should be no greater than 20 mg per day.


Usually, the adult dose begins three times a day at 0.25 to 0.5 mg for treating anxiety disorders. To get the most benefit from the medication, your doctor can increase the dose incrementally. Usually, the daily dose doesn’t exceed 4 mg.

But, in the case of panic disorders, the prescribed Xanax dose can exceed 4 mg daily.

Regulated studies involving 1,700 people found that Xanax could function for panic disorder in which participants were administered doses of 1 to 10 mg a day. 

Forms of Klonopin and Xanax:


Klonopin comes as an oral tablet that is swallowed by a patient. Not only this, but a version also comes in Klonopin form that dissolves in the mouth.


Xanax is available in oral tablets for immediate release and extended-release. An oral solution for Xanax is also available.

Side effects of Klonopin and Xanax

Common side effects of Klonopin include:

  • drowsiness
  • shaky movements and unsteady gait
  • dizziness
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • memory problems
  • constipation or diarrhea
  • nausea

Rare and severe side effects of Klonopin include:

  • depressed mood or suicidal thoughts
  • seizures, especially if a person stops taking the drug suddenly
  • hallucinations
  • mood swings and behavioral changes
  • sweating
  • abnormal eye movements
  • anxiety
  • difficulty speaking
  • insomnia
  • excessive bleeding and bruising from reduced platelets in the blood
  • menstrual problems
  • difficulty urinating

These are very serious side effects, get medical help instantly if these exceed or get worse.


Common side effects of Xanax include:

  • drowsiness and fatigue
  • light-headedness
  • headaches
  • nausea
  • dry mouth
  • irritability
  • becoming talkative
  • forgetfulness or difficulty concentrating
  • trouble passing urine
  • constipation
  • joint pain
  • changes in appetite
  • changes in weight
  • sexual dysfunction

Rare but very serious side effects of Xanax include:

  • yellowing of the skin or eyes
  • difficulty speaking
  • poor coordination and balance
  • seizures
  • mood swings
  • hallucinations
  • confusion or memory problems
  • depression or suicidal thoughts
  • severe skin rash

These are very serious side effects, get medical help instantly if these exceed or get worse.

Side effects of Klonopin and Xanax

Although Klonopin and Xanax are similar medication forms, there are instances when one may be safer to use than another. 

Xanax is not an antiepileptic drug. Therefore, Klonopin can be helpful to a person attempting to manage and treat seizures. 

It is better to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss the different treatment methods, with and pros and cons, as every individual’s body reacts differently to every drug. One medication may be helpful to one but not to others. The treatment depends on age, weight, and other factors.  

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